How do I write a cause and effect essay?

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A cause and effect essay is used to analyze the factors that contributed to a particular event and the consequences of that same event. The causes happen before the event occurs and the essay needs to show how the causes were involved in making the event take place or why they made an impact on the event. The effects become known after the event occurs; again, the essay needs to examine the significance of the effects - how they impact those who were involved in the event.

Start your cause and effect essay with a thesis statement that gives an overview of the event you are writing about, briefly mentioning the causes and the effects that will be presented in the body of your essay. Follow chronological order in arranging your explanations of the causes and, if appropriate, the effects. Your conclusion will summarize the factors that led up to the event and the impacts that result after the event's occurrence.