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How do I write a an introduction for a lesson plan for teachers to introduce the letter "Cc" to teachers and students if I want them to learn the sound, identify the letter, and write the letter, and learn new words that begin with the letter "Cc"?

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When you teach sounds, the best approach is the sound/symbol correlation that combines visual and auditive input.  If you need to enter the strategy in the teacher log (or lesson plan), or if you need to explain this intervention to another teacher in writing, you may want to write it this way:

Assessment of learning:  At the end of this lesson, SWBAT (Students will be able to) recognize the formation and the sound of the letter C in its capitalized and lower case form.

Process: The teacher will (TTW) show the students the letter C in both capitalized and lower case form on the board. (TTW) explain that both, capitalized and lower case, do the same job and sound the same way in every way that they are used.

Note: Either before, or during the lesson, conduct an online search of the letter C or add “artistic” to the search. You will find the letters C and c formed with anything and everything from rope to crayons, to sausages. This will break down the formality of the letter and ease the student affect when they connect the shape to the letter C to just about any household material. This builds schema as well.

As you show the letter Cc in many different forms, invite students to pronounce it as they draw/write it. This is the most important moment of the lesson, because the letter C has two different sounds. Therefore, employ a number of cards with familiar pictures. The smartboard is precious at this moment of the lesson because you can use a PPT or the SMART software to make two cubes, one with pictures showing the /k/ sounding “C”, or /c/, and another with pictures using the /s/ sounding “C”.

If there is no smartboard, divide the board into C- /s/  and C- /c/. Begin with C-/s/ and place the flashcard of the word in the category next to a picture of the word. Use approximately  10 flashcards per column. Do the same process on C/c/.

Now ask the students whether they see any patterns in any of the uses of the letter C. The basic understanding will be assessed if they are able to identify the phonetic rule:

The rule is:

The letter c represents /s/ before the letters e, i or y; otherwise it represents /c/.

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