how do I write an argumentative essay ?

Expert Answers
psyproffie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When you are writing an argumentative essay you are taking a stance on a topic and trying to convince the reader of your position within the paper. It is important to clearly state the topic in which you are writing about and what specific aspect of the topic you will be discussing. For example if you are talking about gas mileage you will want to specif icy what topic within gas mileage you are exploring as the concept of gas mileage itself is too broad for one paper. Within the paper you want to support your stance with research, it is important not to rely on opinion as it is what you can prove not what you think that is important.  In the conclusion of the paper it is important to reiterate the topic and stance you are taking within the paper and then to review the top supports you have found for this stance.

neeta16in | Student

An argumentative essay, as the name suggests, is about arguing your position.  So the first thing you do is address the essay prompt directly in a yes/no manner.  Take a definite position in response to the prompt.  That will help you frame a clear, concise and restricted thesis.  Once you have a strong thesis, develop the main idea in your thesis in your body paragraphs.  Provide two strong supporting examples that establish your point of view in totality.  You could delve into literature, history, science, art, current events or other disciplines for proven examples.  In the conclusion, reiterate your thesis and re-reference your examples.