how do we use kryptonwhat products use Krypton

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Krypton is a noble gas that's primary use is for lighting.  The use of this gas in fluorescent lights tends to reduce the power consumption significantly. It is also used in incandescent light bulbs in order to curb filament evaporation. In magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), it is used to image a person's airways (respiratory system). The bright lights produced by passing electricity through krypton gas can be seen from as far as a 1000 ft, even during foggy conditions. The tendency of this light to penetrate fog has resulted in its use in aircraft runways to navigate aircrafts. Its use in slide and movie projectors is also quite common. It is also used in the photographic flash, especially in high speed photography.  Among the various krypton uses, its use to define a meter is perhaps the most important one. When krypton-86 is heated, it tends to give off a clear, bright line of a reddish-orange color. Scientists measure a meter as 1,650,763.73 times the width of this line produced by krypton making it an important standard in the metric world.

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Following are the uses of Krypton:
- Krypton is used in Photography as a white light source. It is used in Photographic flashes during high speed photography.
- Kyrpton gas is used to make luminous signs.
- It is also used in combination with argon in fluorescent lamps as gas.
- It is also used to fill incandescent lamps.
- It is also used in colored gas discharge tubes.
- It is widely used in Krypton fluoride laser.
- Liquid Krypton is used in experimental particle physics.

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i think in different kinds of lights

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