How do we remember the civil rights movement today, such as memorials, stamps, history conferences, holidays, etc, and do these celebrations make a difference?

Expert Answers
mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We do remember the historical Civil Rights Movement with speeches, conferences etc.  For some, the remembrance of specific individuals does make a difference.  However, I would argue that what really makes a difference is to participate in the ongoing struggle for civil rights.  The latest attempts to disenfranchise voters by requiring ID, the "Stand your Ground" laws, the states which are trying to eliminate unions which have traditionally been a way for the lower class to have protection in their jobs, the white collar bankers being free of punishment--all of these indicate that the struggle for equal treatment under the law is not really over.  Ceremony does remind us to hold onto the gains made which I think does make a difference; however, participation is a better reminder.