How do we know that Sandy doesn't love Soda as much as he loves her in The Outsiders?

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mattbuckley eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In S. E. Hinton's classic short novel The Outsiders, Sodapop Curtis is the brother of the narrator Ponyboy Curtis. Ponyboy looks up to his bother Sodapop in many ways. He describes Soda as being "movie-star kind of handsome" and being especially popular with girls. He mentions that Soda would brag about his exploits with girls but never about his girlfriend Sandy. It is not made exactly clear what happened between Sodapop and Sandy, but it is implied that he got her pregnant and their relationship fell apart because Soda was not  good enough, in the eyes of her parents, to marry her. Soda obviously loved her and would have done whatever he had to in order to stay with her, but "she went to live with her grandmother in Florida". Steve stated that "it was either that or get married, an her parents almost hit the roof at the idea of her marryin' a sixteen-year-old kid". In this scene it is obvious that Soda was very hurt and upset by Sandy's action.

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