How do we know God's heart for us is good?

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a great question and it is completely a matter of faith based on what is known about God through written records. This statement itself is a matter of faith, because it is easy to argue that the written record is nothing more than the words of people a long ago. But this is where the faith comes in.

If we look at the Christian Bible, there are many passage that speak of the love of God. I suggest that you start there and see how these texts speak to your heart. If you believe, then you have faith.

Also we can say that there is another way. This way is based on our experiences or the experiences of others. For instance, you might hear a testimony of God's goodness and this testimony might move you to faith. I will attach three short articles on what the Bible says about God's goodness.

kaylacoo213 | Student

read the bible and you will know

sfg13165 | Student

have you ever thought about this.. we have never seen his face, so how are we suppose to believe he is REAL?! and I know we are suppose to have faith but some people don't. I believe in God, but there is times where i feel like how do I know he is real.?

wattersr | Student

The God of the Israelites (assuming you're Christian) loves us as long as we do PRECISELY what He wants us to do.  The Old Testament is filled with passages speaking of God's love for us and much is written about the wonderful things He will give us if we are obedient. Much more is written however, about the terrible things He wishes upon us if we stray from His instructions.  It says in the Bible that we must "look unto God as a slave unto his master" and that is very close to the truth.

I love God, but if you really want the answer to your question, read the Old Testament, for it will give you insight on God's heart and attitude towards us. Like I said, if you obey God's instructions PRECISELY He will love you, but if you stray in the slightest He would end your life in a heart beat.  In the Book of Exodus, God is preparing to descend onto the Israelite encampment and before doing so, He gives a long and precise list to Moses of what He wants to see the Children of Israel do upon His arrival.  When He descends, the first thing He notices is two sons of Aaron offering "profane fire" (insense burners) to God.  God never said anything about not doing this, he simply didn't ask for it, so He burns the sons of Aaron to death with Holy Fire before he even lands.  This is the side of God nobody likes to talk about. 

And as far as those who believe in "false gods", forget it.  In the book of Numbers, the Israelites come across a civilization of people who worship the God Ba'al of Peor.  God personally instructs Moses to tell his people to invade their lands and kill every last man, woman, and child!  Except for the livestock and young virgin girls however, who were taken back in the thousands to the Israelite camp to be used as gifts for the warriors.  Out of the livestock, God tells His people to give a certain amount to His tabernacle.  Of the virgin girls, 72 were given directly to God's tabernacle (to do WHAT with??!??!)

The New Testament paints a completely different picture of God, and the reason is that Jesus was a spokesman for God.  A spokesman does not tell the people he wishes to convert all the terrible things God has done, and he will most certainly exaggerate the good. 

I would like to leave off by saying that I AM a strong believer in God, and I am NOT trying to spread hate.  I am just trying to level the playing field and give you another viewpoint which 99% of Christians would never dare to reveal.