How do we gain energy for our daily routine work from the food we eat?Explain on the basis of reaction taking place.

janeausten11 | Student

Human feeling, or energy, is often subject to the eyes. When they ingest unhealthy products such as a burger or a heavier meal such as pasta they are aware of it's 'weight' upon their digestive system. Where as if someone was to eat a salad or a sandwhich, they might feel seemingly better. Not only is it an issue in that respect, but also at the rate in which your body digests them. Take for instance, that a person eating white bread is going to feel fatigue earlier than a person eating wheat bread. Some things are broken down within the digestive system at a faster rate. More complex foods that have carbs and proteins are going to take longer to digest than something as simple as say water.

super25 | Student

can a teacher plzzzz also help me tell me the correct answer 2 the ques in terms of the chemical reactions taking place

saleemn1 | Student

well for instance cows,

1. the sun is shinin on top of the grass

2 cows munch on the grass

3 so then cow gets the proteins anvitamins for us

4. we cut the fgrass, as beef so then we get the energy and then we also eat the grass with either a bun , soup or bread these are all high in fibre so it gives us a lot of energy for the day.


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