how do we gain energy for daily routine work from the food we eat? Explian on the basis of the reactions taking place.Please help.

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trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The reaction you are referring to is aerobic cellular respiration. Respiration begins with an organic compound with stored chemical energy such as glucose. Producers like green plants, capture solar energy and combine carbon dioxide and water in their chloroplasts to produce the organic compound glucose. By consuming food and digesting it, the endproducts of digestion are absorbed into the circulating blood and transported to the cells. Glucose enters the cell and in the cytoplasm and then in the mitochondria, cellular respiration occurs. Using enzymes and coenzymes, the reaction results in the break-down of glucose in the presence of oxygen, to yield 36 A.T.P. and carbon dioxide and water as waste products. A.T.P. is adenosine triphosphate, a high- energy compound that cells use as energy currency for life processes.

me1tsush | Student

the above ans is partly correct but mostly the reactions involved in energy producing factors is digestion and respiration.

through digestion the glucose and protein and carbohydrate is released or absorbed in the villi (small intestine) from there they are transproted through the circulatory system to the various cells and from there through the process of respiration they are broken into atp and adp.