Popular Culture in Literature

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How do we examine literature as an idea and popular culture as an image?

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Literature as an idea or as a concept can be examined from an artistic point of view. Similar to most art forms, literature was also developed to provide entertainment as well as knowledge and information. Literature combines imagination, creativity, and language. It is a form of expression, as it stimulates the senses, evokes feelings and emotion, and it engages the mind in a similar way a painting or a musical piece does. Literature allows us to gain knowledge on life, the natural, the supernatural, reality, fantasy, the universe, and absolutely everything else in existence and beyond.

Popular culture or pop-culture is the culture of the people—the beliefs, principles, knowledge, ideas, styles, images, objects and practices embraced by the majority at a given time. Pop culture can be examined as an image. We can analyze its meaning and its properties. We can try to understand how it functions, how it changes, what it represents, does it shape perception, etc. This way, we can learn how and why it influences individuals and societies and how as well as why it helps us understand ourselves and each other.

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