how do i visually represent the story events, characters, plot and theme?

navitatewari | Student

In order to represent the story events, characters, plot and theme of a story visually, it is essential to read it thoroughly and visualise the flow of incidents frame by frame. The following would help:

1. Story events - as you read the story, keep drawing the major incidents, detailing as required, to comprehend the text. Each new sketch must be connected to the previous. Details like location, weather, placing of people and objects with respect to each other must be considered.

2. Characters - each character is unique and significant to the story. The facial expressions and physical appearance of the character speak volumes about his/her status in the story.

The way a character responds to situations, the way he / she speaks to other characters, his conflicts, dilemma, action, reaction and other character's views about him/her, all help in deciding the significance of a particular character.

Once we understand a character inside out, it is easy to draw him/her in various situations.

3. Plot - is the development of a story line in terms of time, space and growth of characters. While reading a story care needs to be taken to note the important details, the ones on which the story depends.

4. Theme - after reading the story thoroughly, close your eyes for a minute and contemplate what the author wanted to convey. The one word answer you get, is the theme of the story eg. revenge, absurd, comedy, tragedy, romance etc.

Putting all the details together, draw a sketch to depict the thought, pathos, ethos, passion, sorrow and happiness in the story.