In Frankenstein, how large a part do Victor's teachers play in his intellectual process?.

Expert Answers
missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Victor encounters two professors in particular that profoundly impact his learning. When Victor goes to the university, his mind is ready to be molded and shaped by great thinkers.

His first assigned instructor, M. Krempe, leaves a poor taste in Victor's mouth because he discourages Victor from following his naturally inclined academic interests. In fact, M. Krempe mocks Victor's interests as if he is simply following ideas of a new age that really are not fully developed. Although this type of ridicule would often be the breaking point in continuing to pursue a person's interests, for Victor it has the opposite effect. This leads him to find another professor who will share similar interests to Victor and who will be encouraging.

This new professor, M. Waldman, shares in Victor's intrigue, and encourages Victor to follow his quest for natural science's answers regarding life, decay, and death. This professor's encouragement causes Victor to bury himself in books and study for hours on end.

Both professors push Victor further into his study even though they differ in their approach. Although one approach is negative and the other positive, readers learn that Victor can be motivated either way. This proves that his quest to find the answers to his questions is strong. Their influence is rather large because Victor is at a vunerable place in his life. His studies fill two empty holes he is currently dealing with. First, Victor deals with the death of Caroline. Also, not having Henry at school disappoints him. These teachers various methods of encouragement push Victor to fill these holes in his being.