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How  do values established during the writing of the Constitution apply to the United States and Texas today?

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First, we must recognize that not all people in the US or even in Texas share the same values.  In addition, not everyone agrees as to what exactly the values of the Framers of the Constitution were.  Therefore, it is not always easy to determine which of our values reflect the Framers’ values and which do not.

That said, there are some basic values that are still clearly reflected in our attitudes today.  The Constitution was based on the ideas of liberalism (classical liberalism as described in the link below, not necessarily what we call liberalism today).  We still hold these values.  We believe in personal freedom and we believe in a government that is democratic but that is also limited so that it cannot take away our personal freedoms.  Even people who disagree with one another politically fundamentally believe in these basic ideas.  We all agree that people should have basic freedoms even if we do not always agree on what those freedoms are.  We all agree that government should be limited even if we do not always agree on where the limits should be.

We in the US or in Texas disagree on many issues.  However, the basic liberal beliefs in limited government and personal freedoms come down to us from the time of the Constitution.

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