How do I unsubscribe? I signed up for a two day free trial and I wish to cancel this before I am charged.

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If you go to your My Account page, there should be a place that lets you cancel your subscription. In the top right corner of the website, there is a little icon with a drop down menu. In that drop down menu is where you can find a link to the My Account page. If for some reason you have trouble finding the place on your account to cancel or you encounter any other problems with the process, contact eNotes through this Contact Us link and someone will be able to help. Either way, there's no reason to stress about it.

Please note that when you sign up for a free trial, there will be a "pending" or "authorized" amount on your card, but that does not mean you have been charged. This pending amount will be released once you cancel your trial in time. Keep in mind that depending on the company, it can take a few days for the pending status to change, so don't panic if you still see it immediately after you cancel your account!

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Just cancelled mine

go to to your account, edit credit card, cancel credit card.  I got an option to cancel account as well.



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I also can not find a way to cancel my subscription and I want to cancell it as soon as possible. Today is 25th November 2015 20:35

and I do not want to be charged

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Is enotes a big scam? It seems many people cannot find a way to delete thier accounts. This is going to reflect very poorly in enotes reviews and future customer opinions. 

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At first i could not find how to cancel the subscription and was beginning to worry but i found it by clicking my account and then clicking on account home.

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I am in line with you - the spider web of 'get them stuck and don't let them out'!

There is no link to get out. 


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I want to cancel my subscription but I do not know how. Can someone please help to cancel my subscription. 

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 I don't want to pay.I am not be able to find a delete option it seems that enotes makes a propo-ganda to make money.I found it really bad.Hate this.

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