How do u solve though (4,2) parallel to y=-3/4x-5 No

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I think what you mean is that you need to find an equation of the line that passes through the point (4,2) and parallel to the line y= (-3/4)x  -5

To find the equation we will use the standard form of the equation in the slope form.

==> y-y1= m (x-x1)

such that (x1,x2) is any point passes through the line and m is the slope.

==> We are given the point (x1,y1)= (4,2)

==> y-2 = m (x-4)

Now we need to find the slope.

Since we know that equation of the parallel line , then we know that the slopes are the same.

==> Then the slope m is -3/4

==> y-2 = (-3/4) (x-4)

Now we will simplify.

==> y-2 = (-3/4)x -(3/4)(-4)

==> y-2 = (-3/4)x + 3

==> y= (-3/4)x + 5


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