How to write an essay defining success.Please help outline/start an essay on the definition of success.

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It may be interesting for you to begin with a quotation of what successful people themselves believe is the key to success.  One new presidential candidate, Herman Cain, who seeks the Republican nomination, recently told a reporter that there are three points that he considers in making decisions that will affect the success of the businesses which he has run (Burger King, Pilsbury, and Godfather's Pizza).  So, researching him on the internet will provide you with some interesting perspectives. 

Another successful man, who has lost fortunes and remade them is Donald Trump.  Whether he is liked or not, no one can deny that he is resilient and does, ineed, know how to be successful. Or, you may wish to return in history to the gilded age when such magnates as Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller thrived.  Another brillant business man was J. P. Morgan, who actually bailed out the country in the time of the Great Depression.

Now, when you go to make your outline, be sure that you have a definition that you can defend.  Your thesis needs three opinions (points) that you will defend in the body of the essay.  Keep in mind that these three points must be written in parallel structure. The body paragraphs will support these opinions/points by explaining why they are reasonable definitive parts of success.  Be very specific and use solid supporting details, for the support is the most important part of any essay.

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