How do I type in math symbols when asking a math question? I need to use the integral sign and power sign among other things. Bryan Heard

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nathanshields eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Unfortunately you can't!  Only the response has the plugin to display sybols.

But you can make it easier to understand by using correct syntax with plenty of parentheses. For example, if you want `int sqrt(x+1)dx - 4` , you should write

int (sqrt(x+1) dx) - 4

or even

"the integral with respect to x of the square root of (x+1), minus 4"

but not

int sqrt x + 1 - 4

When in doubt, add extra parentheses.  A few reminders about what symbols mean what:

int: `int`

sqrt(x): `sqrt(x)`

a^b: `a^b`

pi: `pi`

If you're more ambitious, you could copy and paste symbols (like √, ∫, ∞, etc) from unicode, though this won't help with exponents or fractions:

Also, you can also go to, get your expression looking good, then copy and paste the image link into your question body, something like

But this takes a little getting used to unless you're already familiar with Latex.

You could also paste a link from wolfram alpha, something like

Anyway, I hope this helps clarify your options!

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