How do the two scaffold scenes compare and contrast to each other?

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There are three scaffold scenes in the novel, but the first -- with Hester and baby Pearl -- is the odd one out. In the second and third scaffold scenes, Dimmesdale , Hester, and Pearl are all present and standing atop the structure together. On the night of former governor John Winthrop's death, Hester and Pearl have been attending him, and when they walk home, they encounter Dimmesdale on the scaffold. He has gone there in the hope that he will find some relief from the terrible and heavy weight of his guilt. It doesn't work, though he does invite Hester and Pearl to come up and stand with him; they all hold hands together, and Dimmesdale feels a "tumultuous rush of new life [...] pouring like a torrent into his heart," and the three seem to form an "electric chain." It is nighttime, and Dimmesdale ultimately finds no relief, perhaps because he still refuses to stand on the scaffold with Pearl and Hester during the daytime; he will not acknowledge his guilt or his parentage of Pearl...

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