How do tsunamis effect landforms,climate/weather,and ecosystems?I'm working on a natural disaster and succesion timeline project and need help.

aarohan9216 | Student

the following effects can be created by a tsunami :-

-Alteration of seaside terrain.
-Minor deforestation in the area affected by the tsunami.
-Wildlife casualties.
-The sea will be temporarily littered with debris after the tsunami.
-Coral or Marine Reef damage (In tropical regions).

selenajones85 | Student

Long Term Effects:

Loss Of Tourism

Property damage

beach destroyed

Deaths - suffering of family members




Short term Effects:


temporary food

(i guess food could be short term as shelters would be giving it out to victims)

loss of people and children

Eternal Happiness

giorgiana1976 | Student

Tsunamis are huge waves caused by the earthquake. They are very dangerous for the population of coastal ocean regions. Sciencepeople try to predict their production to limit  their consequences. The phenomenon called tsunami is generally the result of an earthquake: water suddenly moved by the crust moves, can produce waves with a height of 30 m. The origin of tsunami: Underwater earthquakes and all major displacements which take place at the ocean floor have the effect of pushing the water column sudden above. The movement spread in the ocean as a wave that has a speed of 700-800 km / h. In off the ocean, the wave may pass unnoticed, because the waves  produced do not reach more than one meter.
But when the wave reaches near the shores, due to reduced depth, the waves are getting increasingly high and depart on the banks, sweeping all in the path. Sometimes, the sea is  withdrawing, then hits. Successive waves crush or push inland to people and cattle, boats and houses, then after waves withdrawal they aspire victims and rubble. A tsunami occurs more victims: in 1755, in Portugal, an earthquake followed by a tsunami caused 20,000 deaths. In Alaska, in 1964, an earthquake broke the oil tanks, which caught fire. A huge wave, full of burning oil, rushed on a village, swallowed three floors buildings . In front of a tsunami the only way out is escape. Vessels depart the shores, and the people  take refuge to higher places.

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