How do these two sculptures relate to traditions of classical sculpture? An archaic Greek statue known as the Moschophoros and a contemporary sculpture entitled Kalbträgerin by the artist Aleksandra Domanovic.

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The ancient sculpture "Moschophoros" and the contemporary "Kalbträgerin," by Serbian artist Aleksandra Domanovic, depict similar subject matter. It is clear that the newer sculpture was strongly inspired by the ancient one. "Moschophoros" depicts a young man, rendered in the style of Archaic Greek sculpture, with a calf draped over his shoulders. "Kalbträgerin" shows the same calf, in almost identical position, but the man's body has been replaced by a rectangle. A pair of arms protrude from the rectangle at shoulder height and clasp the calf's feet.

Neither work of art matches what we consider to be Classical sculptural style. In true Classical sculpture, the human body is celebrated and liberated from any stylized, static posture. Classical bodies appear caught in movement, like a snapshot, and often savor graceful poses. In both of these sculptures, the human body (or the geometric representation of it) is held stiffly, lacking any hint of natural movement. Therefore, we should look at the calf. In both works of art, the young animal appears alert and inquisitive. Its ears turn forward, as if looking ahead. In contrast to the man, whose musculature is rigid and stylized, the calf appears much more natural. The sculptors obviously studied the muscles of a calf and strove to recreate them faithfully in stone. In that sense, these pieces of art do reflect some elements of Classical sculpture.

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