What types of conflict are seen in The Hunger Games? Please reply soon as possible !

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many different types of conflict seen in Collins' novel The Hunger Games.

To begin, one needs to understand the different types of conflict.

Internal Conflict:

Internal conflict is the conflict a person has within them self. People typically struggle within themselves when their morals and emotions do not "agree."

External Conflict:

There are three types of external conflict: man verses man, man verses nature, and man verses supernatural. Man verses man includes fighting with one person, multiple people (groups) and society at large. Man verses nature is a conflict between a man and the powers of nature (as seen in The Open Boat by Stephen Crane--men are at the mercy of the sea).  Man verses the supernatural is a conflict between a man and supernatural elements (like ghosts or monsters--as seen in Shakespeare's Macbeth when Macbeth goes up against the witches and Banquo's ghost).

Examples of conflict from The Hunger Games:

An example of internal conflict within the novel is Katniss' struggle with her own feelings about both Peeta and Gale. She, obviously, has feelings for both and she cannot decide what to do about them.

Man verses Man

-Katniss verses the Career Tributes (man verses a group)

-Katniss verses President Snow (man verses singular man)

-Katniss verses the Capitol (man verses society)

Man verses Nature

- Katniss verses the arena. Here, Katniss must face the obstacles of the arena (the animals and elements of nature which cause her problems moving from one place to another and her desired success).

Man verses Supernatural

Katniss verses the mutated beasts. Now, this could be argued by some. Some may think that the mutations are the product of the Capitol (and they are). Other could believe that only a distorted type of "magic" could have created the beasts. Therefore, depending upon your own personal idea, the mutated beasts could be placed under nature, man, or supernatural.

aznboy578 | Student

Katniss verses Capitol, Careers, and especially President Snow

zz3417 | Student

Well, the hunger games have 3 books, i dont know if you are talking about the book the hunger games or the series, but either way......

Katniss everdeeen has to face conflict in romance. For example, she has to choose between Peeta and Gale. Both are great friends to her, but she has to choose which one she realy loves.

Another is the conflict between her and the capitol and everyone in them. In the first hunger games book, she and petta decide to commit suicide after hearing that they cannot both survive, as a result they try and eat 2 poisonous berries. The capitol must have a winnner, or they look bad and all the people in the country are mean toward them.

She also has conflicts with her mother, although in the middle and the end of the series she is fine, in the eginning, after her father dies, she dies as we, in the mind. She was like a zombie, Her brain was not in the mood to do anything.

In addition, Katniss had conflict between the tributes for the hunger games. She knew that she would have to kill them in order to win, so no one could be trusted except Peeta because she was protecting him.

A final conflict was between Katniss and president snow. He liked to see what katniss did in her life. He got realy mad ever since the trick she played on the capitol( her commiting suicide with Peeta).

That is just about all the conflicts in the book.

thewanderlust878 | Student

The Hunger Games is one of those stories that has many different conflicts all molded into one big mess of trouble (but is also a fantastic book). Some of the bigger conflicts include Katniss' love for Peeta and/or Gale, her fight with the Capital, the other contestants in the Hunger Games, or even with her mother. The rise of the rebellion from the districts against the Capital is also a big one.  

zumba96 | Student

Conflicts can include how Katniss is dealing with a life or death situation and has to use her skills to her advantage in order to survive. Another conflict can include how she is unsure on whether or not she loves Gale or Peeta. As well as her hatred of the Capitol, she has to comply with President Snow because her families lives could be at stake.