How do the townspeople feel about Chillingworth in chapter 9 of The Scarlet Letter?    

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Roger Chillingworth is "cordially received" by the villagers when he first enters the village. He is a learned man, and he projects this image. Moreover, his knowledge of medical science enables him to present himself as a physician.

Just like in modern times, the presence of a healer, a medical doctor, or someone who has the ability to cure others is always appreciated. This is particularly true in this case since Chillingworth offers to heal none other than Arthur Dimmesdale, "the young divine," who is perhaps the most admired and respected man of faith among the people.

However, part of the...

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"The Scarlet Letter" is an outstanding piece of a literary work by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It's a story of woman Hester Prynne who is physically weak and mentally very strong. This story depicts the culture of Middle age England and the modest life of women.

The nineth chapter is rightly named as "the leech" as it expresses a new character called Chillingworth. He is going to be the better half of Hester. Just then he arrives from America. To his astonishment he finds his would be wife on the square facing the trial for having an illegitimate child.

The furious crowd keeps on persisting her to reveal who is responsible for the child. The strong minded lady doesn't want betray the person who committed adultery with her. Chillingworth doesn't want to reveal his true identity. He falsely portrays himself as a physician from America.

The very first appearance of Chillingworth brings him lots of honour and praise from the people of the town.

They regard him as an educated physician send to them by the divine providence. He is considered as the saviour of Arthur Dimmesdale, an young priest of the church, who is very ill. They consider him as the art of providence to save the village.

As the days pass by a few people of the town started suspecting him. Their guess is correct as he starts torturing the young priest as the sign of revenge for the wrong doing of Dimmesdale.