How do the three branches of the US government impact healthcare today?

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Under the democracy of the United States, healthcare has recently become the focus of all three branches of government. Typically, laws are passed by the legislative branch, and their constitutionality are validated through the judicial branch.

Recently, the election of Barack Obama signaled a change. Universal healthcare was a major pillar of Obama’s election and reelection campaigns, so he was in a unique position to drive healthcare policy. He essentially laid out the parameters he wanted, and the blue legislative branch executed it. The expanding power of the departments within the executive branch mean that these departments actually carry out healthcare policy and report directly to the president.

When the Republicans took over majority in Congress, President Obama was able to use his power of veto to dissuade any changes to his policy. The president can also resort to an executive order if needed to circumvent the legislature in the short term.

The judicial branch, via judicial...

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