How do the rules of the community in The Giver affect the characters in the story?

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There are definitely some benefits to the multitude of rules governing Jonas's society. Thanks to their highly-organized and regulated world, no one in Jonas's community goes hungry. No one has a need to be afraid. There is no pain and not even a memory of hardship. Everyone in the community is always treated with dignity and respect. Thanks to the rules, there is always peace, harmony, and positive thinking.

Yet all of this peace comes with a weight that the citizens of the community literally cannot fathom—and that in itself is due to the rule relegating memories to the role of the Receiver. Therefore, the world of the present is the only world the community is aware of. Spouses are chosen not in a loving decision between two people but in a governmental application process which weighs out strengths and weaknesses of the potential husband and wife in each match. Families can never consist of two brothers or of five siblings. At most, spouses can receive exactly one son and one...

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