How do the rules of the community affect people's ability to make choices in The Giver?

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Jonas's community is founded on the principles of Sameness, which champion uniformity and completely eliminate individual choice in order to ensure stability, comfort, and safety. The citizens in Jonas's community must adhere to many rules and obey the decisions made by the Committee of Elders. The Committee of Elders controls nearly every aspect of society by determining the community's birth rate, matching spouses, creating family units, and choosing each citizen's occupation. During one of Jonas's training sessions with the Giver, the Giver explains to Jonas that the committee made a decision to eliminate sunshine, which coincidentally also eliminated colors in order to limit personal choice. As a result, citizens do not even have the freedom to choose clothing or any other item based on color and are forced to conform to society's mundane standards.

Essentially, the highly organized, strict government prohibits individuals from making personal choices in their lives and individuality is nonexistent. While the lack of personal choices and independence ensures stability, citizens miss out on genuine human experiences, which is something Jonas realizes during his training sessions as the community's next Receiver of Memory. The strict rules and policies created by the Committee of Elders purposefully limit individual freedoms and cultivate a society where citizens have no say in any aspect of their lives. Citizens who do not conform or obey the rules are "released" after three transgressions.

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