An Astrologer's Day

by R. K. Narayan

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How do Town Hall Park's features benefit the astrologer in "An Astrologer's Day"?

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The remarkable features of Town Hall Park benefit the astrologer in "An Astrologer's Day" by providing a narrow road along which a surging crowd moves from morning till night, potentially giving the astrologer the opportunity for lots of customers.

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The eponymous astrologer plies his trade beneath the boughs of a spreading tamarind tree, where he sits each day, resplendent in his saffron-colored turban and with his head painted and smeared with sacred ash and vermilion. The tree flanks a path that runs through the Town Hall Park. This is truly a remarkable place in many ways, not least because it provides the astrologer with plenty of potential customers.

This is because the path running through the park is very narrow, which means that there is always a surging crowd moving up and down it from morning till night. Not surprisingly, the path is lined with all kinds of trades, among them magicians, medicine sellers, and an auctioneer of cheap cloth.

And of course, there's the astrologer himself. Like the other businessmen who ply their trade along the narrow path running through Town Hall Park, he derives considerable benefit from the large crowds that congregate here from morning to night.

Concentrated in a very small area and never very far away from the astrologer, people are much more likely to see him up close and pay for the unique services he has to offer. Combined with his colorful turban, the layout of the park's path gives the astrologer the opportunity to win more customers.

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