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How do the images, characters, and details in Deborah Salazar's "My Abortion" "carry" the significance of her remembrance?

In Deborah Salazar's essay, the inclusion of characters, details, and images combine to "carry" or bolster the memory of her abortion. Donald Duck is an image, character, and detail. It's what she thinks about during the procedure. "I will never be able to watch another Donald Duck cartoon without thinking about my abortion," says Salazar. Without nuances like Donald Duck or “the beauty," the memory would be less clear and less likely to carry as much significance.

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In Deborah Salazar's essay "My Abortion" we note how the characters, images, and details combine to create a vivid memory. We could also say that all three "carry" or support a clear remembrance of her abortion.

One element we notice is the presence of pop culture. During the procedure, Salazar thinks about Donald Duck. In the waiting room, Pee-wee Herman in playing on the tiny TV.

We might think of Donald Duck and Pee-wee Herman as characters. They are, after all, literally characters. You might...

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