How do the ideas of escape and disillusionment come out in some of the stories in Miguel Street?

The ideas of escape and disillusionment come out in many of the stories in Miguel Street. For example, Bogart is trying to escape the fact that he has two wives. In addition, Elias is disillusioned by his failure to become a doctor.

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The stories told about the various characters we meet in Miguel Street have recurrent themes of aspiration, defeat, and the desire for escape. These can be seen as overarching themes that tie the story together.

The idea of escape is prevalent in "Bogart." Bogart has created a mysterious air around himself with the stories he tells. It turns out, however, that he has made a serious mess of his life. He impregnated a woman and was forced to marry her, meaning that he now has two wives. Miguel Street is both his escape and the place where he hopes the long arm of the law will not catch him for bigamy.

Great examples of disillusionment can be found in...

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