How do the the hunters prepare for another hunt in chapter 4 of "Lord of the Flies?"

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Chapter 4 marks a clear decent into savagery when Jack paints his face.  Jack's frustration from his first encounter with the pig and his inability to kill it is gone now.  The face-painting figuratively and literally gives him a mask behind which to hide.  This brings out his savage nature fully.  This time when he encounters a pig, he doesn't hesitate and he kills it, going so far as to slit its throat and then gleefully tell Ralph about the extreme amount of blood that gushed from the pig.  Before the hunt, after Jack paints his face to his satisfaction, he tells Bill that they are going to go hunting.  Bill seems a bit reluctant, out of fear of this savage Jack confronting him, but he feels like he has to do what Jack tells him. The same is true for the other boys.  As the story says, "The mask compelled them."  This is how they prepared for the hunt this time.