How do the events shown in the movie 2081 compare to the events in the short story “Harrison Bergeron”?

The events in the film 2081 are mostly similar to those in the short story “Harrison Bergeron.” However, there are a few differences, including the way Harrison’s parents are presented.

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There are several differences between the film and the story. The film adds more detail about Harrison as an enemy of the state. It adds a series of flashbacks of young Harrison being abducted by riot police during a raid to his home. The incident in the concert hall is handled differently as well. In the film, more attention is paid to the fact that Harrison's disruption of the ballet is televised. The film adds the part about Harrison claiming that he's planted a bomb and is holding a detonator. In the story, Glampers simply appears with a gun to kill Harrison, while in the film there is a SWAT team involved, and some time is spent building suspense by concentrating on the details of police operations.

More importantly, Harrison himself is presented differently. In the story, he is described as a kind of young superman; he explicitly proclaims himself "the emperor," and the point of his intervention is to demonstrate his superiority. There is a kind of exaggerated, almost comic tone...

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