How do the cooks at Megadorus's wedding feast behave towards one another in The Pot of Gold?  

The cooks Congrio and Anthrax humorously needle each other with teasing insults. Together they serve as the “fools” of the play, adding comic relief as they laughingly provoke each other.

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The cooks at Megadorus's wedding feast are named Congrio and Anthrax, and they contribute plenty of comic relief in Plautus's play The Pot of Gold. These cooks are hilarious as they needle each other constantly.

When Strobilus says he is going to split supplies, cooks, and flute-girls into two parts, for instance, Anthrax announces firmly, “No one's going to split me into two parts, by Hercules!” He might be trying to be funny, but Congrio teases him by taking him seriously and taunting, “I shouldn't have though you'd object to anyone taking a slice off you if he wanted it.” He seems to be suggesting that Anthrax needs to lose some weight.

Anthrax gets even with Congrio, however. He declares that he is “sharper” than Congrio and that Congrio is “a fair cook,” for he “can only get a job on fair-days.” In other words, no one will hire him unless they are desperate for workers when everyone else is busy.

Indeed, Congrio and Anthrax are a comic pair of friends who enjoy teasing one another with witty insults, but neither seems to take their jests seriously. They are just having fun, and they both know it. As a pair and separately, these two serve as the “fool” type of character for this play, adding humor and wit and prodding the audience into laughter as they prod each other.

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