How do texting, Twitter, Facebook, and other social network tools affect health?

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belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One negative effect of social networking is that it encourages a lifestyle shift from active to sedentary. People are more likely to spend long amounts of time sitting down, staring into a bright computer screen, and performing repetitive motions with their hands; each of these factors can affect health. People who sit for long periods of time are at risk for blood clotting and heart disease; bright screen can cause eyestrain; repetitive wrist motions cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Because people no longer need to travel to communicate, and because work and recreation can be done from the same device, there is less need to leave the house or workplace, and less motivation to exercise. People should practice self-limitation of social networking and try to interact in person more often, as it will be healthier in the long-run.

smsmith531 | Student

Social media sites affect health in multiple facets. By having access to practically all "social" aspects people value as well as access to infinite information, people are more inclined to live a sendentary life as opposed to an active one. Instead of going out and meeting with friends, people are more likely to text or tweet to keep in touch.

Emotionally- social media has spiked bullying. This is termed "cyber bullying" which impacts the emotional health of many pre teen and young adults. The ability to be behind a computer screen as opposed to face to face raises the "courage" to say negative things, which then go viral. This impacts victims in a much larger scale, for everyone can access the negative things that are being "tweeted" or "facebooked" about them. 

People think they are becoming more social when they are truly becoming more introverted. Although social media has given shy people the ability to find their voice, it has also enabled them to never find the courage to go out and physically socialize.


zumba96 | Student

If you are on it too much, it could result in it being bad for your eyes as well as it distracting you from your studies. If you stay on the computer all day you won't move either and that could make you lazy

taangerine | Student

Texting, Twitter, and FaceBook can affect one's health greatly. It can decrease one's productivity. One will not be as active as they once were. And, although they might eat the same and regularly, they might gain weight due to the lack of physical activity. Furthermore, texting, Twitter, and FaceBook can also lead to eyestrain, headaches, and blurred vision from using their phone or computer too much.

homer909 | Student

Besides the obvious lifestyle shift (sitting around all day in front of a computer makes you less active/ hurts your eyes), social media is detrimental for social growth and maturity. Bullying trends have spiked from this new form of communication. Social media has also been associated with problems with confidence. Overall, socia media takes children away from time in their lives they should be speaking face to face, learning important skills. Kids aren't just being victimized by social media - they are letting it *become* their lives. Watch the movie Cyber bully.

loraaa | Student

look at this article by Jim Ware ,,,  ^_^

junegcyr | Student

The most negative health effects of social networking sites seems when teen boys and girls use Facebook for long time. Texting, Facebook and Twitter are effective websites to communicate with friends and making new friends but nowadays many people use them for long time which is very dangerous for their eyes, body and normal freshness.