In The Odyssey, how do the suitors get weapons in the final battle scene?

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In The Odyssey, the suitors in the final scene are cut off from the weapons originally. When Telemakhos returns to the storage room to get more weapons, he accidentally leaves the door open. Melanthius, a disloyal goatherd, runs to room and gathers weapons to pass out to the suitors. On his second trip to the room, he is caught by Eumaeus (swineherd) and Philoitius (oxherd). Remember, the other two herders are on Odysseus and Telemakhos's side. This further emphasizes their loyalty and goodness while it puts Melanthius on the same level as the suitors. Odysseus and Telemakhos's ability to kill the suitors even after they are armed characterizes them as physically as well as morally superior to the other suitors.


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