jkace13 | Student

Becoming a good studier takes practice and finding what works best for you but here are some tips:

  • Set aside a designated time for studying where you will be free from distractions like the TV or Facebook
  • Ask your teachers what you should focus on for the test or assignment
  • Find a comfortable spot to study
  • Try listening to instrumental music so that your mind doesn't wander
  • Set a timer for fifteen minutes and take short break (have a snack, watch a quick video clip, do some jumping jacks) so that you stay alert and motivated
  • Use different color highlighters, post-it notes, or pens to categorize your notes.  Each color allows for a quick visual reminder
  • Study less exciting topics in the morning or middle of the day so that you are less likely to fall asleep when studying at night
krystalce | Student

Like it is stated above, there are many different ways to study because there are many different types of learning styles. I can offer a few ways to study but the best way is to fill out the survey in the link below. It is a well respected site that help people figure out their learning styles.

Study Ideas:

  1. If you are doing a reading of some sort, you can scatter a few gummy bears on the pages and every time you reach one on the line you are reading you can eat it.
  2. When writing an essay where you need a ton of quotes, simply go through all your sources and put each quote you think you might use on note cards, one per card, and the citation for it on the back. Then you can go back through them and label which of the main points for your topic it applies to. If it doesn’t fit any, just pitch it. After that it’s much easier to write the paper in an organized fashion. It may seem like more work, but when I did this, I saved myself about 3 hours of work compared to an essay when I didn’t use this technique.
  3. NEVER work straight through ANYTHING. That means no studying (in any form) for hours at a time or staying up all night so you can finish a project. You must break things up into smaller bits. That way you will retain more information, create higher quality work, and it relieves most of the stress that comes with being a student.

Here is the link to the Learning Styles Test: http://learning-styles-online.com/inventory/questions.php?cookieset=y

pandoraxx | Student

There is no right way to study, every person studies differently .

Try different studying methods and see what works for you

Most people are visual learners  so try re writing your notes using colours , boxes, shapes , and diagrams and see if it sticks more.

Some people are Audio learners, who learn by hearing, so maybe , if you study alone, record yourself saying all the essential information and just play it back repeatedly, or if you study with friends take turns reading the information to eachother.

You could also be a physical learner, who learns by doing, so try doing experiments involved with your work or any hands on things that relate to it.

Lastly, an essential for all forms of studying, NO DISTRACTIONS. isolate yourself. no phone, no computer,no tv , etc,  and nothing but your work in front of you .

Happy studying !