How do the stories "Girls" by Mrinal Pande and "The Postmaster" by Rabindranath Tagore reflect Indian society?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Both works address the basic idea of women's treatment in Indian society.  Pande's work focuses on how girls see themselves as women and how this discriminatory view is brought on by the social order or brought on by absorbing it internally.  The main character posits this reciprocal relationship in her own mind:

Do mother birds, too, think their girl birds are inferior?

This becomes one of the central issues of Pande's work.  In this, the story brings out the idea of how women are treated in Indian society and calling a change out to it.  Tagore is taking the same tact about Indian society, but in not such a demonstrative manner.  Tagore is speaking out to the idea that those who are deemed "untouchable," such as Ratan.  Tagore is suggesting that women who are marginalized to the periphery should be brought back to center, seeking to reclaim what had been taken away.  The ending of the short story with Ratan wandering around, hoping to be brought back to center from being marginalized is something in which Pande would find convergence because both works seek to bring back to center the women's voice that has been marginalized by Indian society.

praveenm | Student

both stories give us a clear idea about the status of women in the indian society. Pande's Girls gives us an idea about the view of  women on their life itself. even the women itself is considering themselves as inferior to men. they think that only a boy will take care of their mothers till their death. if a boy can do it, then why can't it be done by a girl child. they are thinking that they will get respect only if they have a boy child. so they will  thus it give a clear idea that they are considering themselves as inferior to the men.

                              Tagore's work Postmaster reflects the Indian society in another is the story of a poor girl who dot not have any relatives to took care of her. we will feel bad at the end of the story as she is left as alone in that village where she do not have any relatives. the women are considered inferior as they must always be dependent on men. they connot live without the help of a it is nessessary that the women should gain equal status in the society that they should have the ability to live alone and face the difficulties alone by themselves.


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