How do I start to introduce Frost's life, fosusing on his writing?introduce the work I will analize by putting it in the context of the poet's career.

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troutmiller eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Frost's life was filled with many untimely deaths.  Both of his parents and his sister died early in life.  He even had 2 of his children die in infancy.  His daughter died while giving birth, and then his son took his own life.  And lastly, his wife died of a heart attack while she was being operated on for cancer.  Through all of his loss, Frost was not a poet to focus on loss and bitterness.  He did not write about his experiences in that manner.  Instead, "Frost wrote about the process of discovery and the relationship between people and their surroundings."  In this poem "The Road Not Taken" he does just that.  The poem in not necessarily about his losses in life, but through those tragedies he found other opportunities.  He moved a lot--which began when he was just 11.  His father died, and he had a place picked out for his burial.  However, the family could not afford to travel back, so they built a life there where he was buried. He adjusted to what was laid before him, and he made a living by taking the road less traveled.