How do I start my english monologue on Othello? I need to fill in a gap and silence within the play.  I was thinking at the start, where Iago is waiting for Roderigo. Also could you please give me a brief description on what a normal monolgue structure is? I can never start these things. Help needed!

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You've selected an ideal moment for your monologue, so here are some tips for getting started with your writing. First of all, a monologue is different from a Shakespearean soliloquy, so you have a decision to make: will you write a plain old monologue, which is an uninterrupted speech by one character towards another character, or a soliloquy, which is a monologue by one character towards him or herself?

If you choose to write a plain old monologue, you could do something interesting with your speech imagining Iago talking directly to Othello or even to Desdemona. Start your writing process with a question: knowing what you know about the play, what questions might Iago want to ask any of these other characters? Perhaps he wants to know why Othello didn't promote him, or why Desdemona thinks she can get away with an untraditional marriage.

If you choose to...

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