InĀ Animal Farm, how do Squealer and Napoleon respond after what happens to Boxer in the summer?

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chicagorilke23 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In George Orwell's Animal Farm, Boxer collapses. After the animals are told that he is being taken to a human hospital. There Boxer is to recuperate and it is assumed by the other animals, to eventually go to a place where he can retire. Boxer is 12 years old. This was the age agreed upon for animals to retire after many years of service to the farm.

However, when the cart comes to haul Boxer away, Benjamin sees that Boxer is in a cart for the glue factory and is to be slaughtered. After much fanfare by the other animals and effort of Boxer to try to escape, he fails to do so.

Later, Squealer tells the other animals that Boxer died at the hospital despite the best efforts of hospital staff. Squealer also makes it a point to note that he was at Boxer's side at the very end. He claims that Boxer was steadfast in his support of Animal Farm to his very end. As for the cart that was marked "glue factory," it was really bought by the hospital. The hospital simply did not have time to paint over the words glue factory left over from the previous owners.

The animals fall for this explanation and are relieved.
Napoleon then steps up to offer a speech praising Boxer. After the animals have calmed down, Squealer and Napoleon retire to their new shipment of whiskey that has arrived. How convenient that they should have the money to pay for more whiskey after the death of Boxer.