How do I solve for Y and x intercept, when there are fractions involved ? Here is y problem that I'm having trouble with.  y=1/2x-4

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If you want to find where line `y=1/2x-4`  intercepts `x`-axis and `y`-axis, you simply do the following:


Line intercepts `x`-axis at point where `y=0` ` ` so we have

`0=1/2x-4=>1/2x=4`  multiply equation by 2



Line intercepts `y`-axis at point where `x=0` so we have


Another way to find points where a line intercepts `x` and `y` axis is to write equation of line in segment form



`y/-4+x/8=1` intercept points are `(0,-4)` and `(8,0)`.

Or more generally if you have line equation in segment form `x/m+y/n=1` then your points of intersection of that line and `x`  and `y` axes are `(m,0)` and `(0,n).`

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