How do I solve this word problem?all items at a clothing store have been reduced by 15%.if stephanie purchased a shirt at the reduced pice of $84.15,what was it original price ?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If all of the items have been reduced by 15%, then they are all 85% of their regular price.  So that means we know that $84.15 is 85% of the regular price of that shirt.

We can express 85% as the fraction 85/100.  And we can says that this fraction is equal to 84.15/x.  That is because 84.15 is to x as 85 is to 100.

So we have set up the following equation:

84.15/x = 85/100

The way to solve this kind of equation is to cross multiply.  This gives us

8415 = 85x

Then we divide both sides by 85 and we get

x = 99

So her shirt's original price was $99.