How do I solve this equation? x/3 - 3/4 = 5x/6

Expert Answers
rakesh05 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Given equation is     `x/3-3/4=(5x)/6`

or we can write        `x/3-(5x)/6=3/4`

or,                         `(2x-5x)/6=3/4`

or,                            `-3x/6=3/4`

or,                              `x=-6/4`

or,                             `x=-3/2` .  Answer

oldnick | Student



`-3/4=x/2`  `rArr x=-3/2`


`(-3/2) xx 1/3 -3/4= 5/6 xx (-3/2)`



Proof Hold.


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