Change the subject of the formula: 2A=ha+hbHow do I solve for h?

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are no numerical values available so you cannot actually "solve" this equation but you can make h the subject (that is, h=) and then if you obtain values, you can go straight to solving h.

This is an equation so can be manipulated like any equation

So to make h the subject, factorize: 

2A = ha + hb becomes

2A= h(a + b).

To get h by itself divide by (a+b) - the opposite operation of times.It stands as h x (a+b) so becomes:

`(2A)/(a+b) = h`  

`therefore h= (2A)/(a+b)`

atyourservice | Student


you can factor out the h as both a and b are multiplied by h

2A= h (a+b)

now divide by a+b to get h alone

`(2A)/(a+b)= (h (a+b))/(a+b) `

`(2A)/(a+b)= h`

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