A gallon of paint can cover 800 square feet.  Determine how many gallons should be purchased to paint two coats on each wall of a room which has dimensions 16 feet by 18 feet and an 8-foot ceiling.  how do I solve this problem?

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When you consider a room of length 18 width 16 and height 18 feet;

Area of floor `= 18*16 = 288 ft^2`

Area of ceiling `= 18*16 = 288 ft^2`


There are two smaller walls with height 8ft and width 16ft.

Area of smaller walls `= 2*16*8 = 256 ft^2`


There are two bigger walls with height 8ft and length 18ft.

Area of bigger walls `= 2*18*8 = 288 ft^2`


Total area to be painted `= 288+288+256 = 832 ft^2`


One gallon of paint cover `800 ft^2`

Gallons needed for one coat `= 832/800`

Gallons needed for to coats `= 832/800*2 = 2.08`


So you need 2.08 gallons for painting.


If you cannot buy 0.08 gallons (if shopkeeper doesn't give you less than 1 gallon) you should by another gallon. So...

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