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How do sociological ideas/concepts explain this situation? Link clearly to what you have written about your chosen group my chosen group is poverty At least 3 sociological ideas/concepts/theories

Sociological theories explain poverty in different ways. Functionalism views poverty as a necessary and even productive aspect of society. Conflict theory sees poverty as the negative result of power struggles. Symbolic interactionism is interested in the ways that poverty affects individuals and society.

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Sociology is the study of society, including social problems such as poverty. However, not all sociologists agree about poverty. Within the field of sociology, there are several different points of view that are interested in different aspects of poverty. Let’s take a look at poverty through the lenses of three major sociological theories: functionalism, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionism.

The school of functionalism believes that everything in society serves a function. Therefore, nothing is actually “bad,” even an issue like...

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