He-y, Come On Ou-t!

by Shinichi Hoshi

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How do social issues affect the characters in the story "H-ey, Come On Ou-t?"

Expert Answers

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I'm not quite sure how to answer this question. Social issues do not very greatly affect the characters in the story "He-y, Come On Ou-t," and the characters themselves are unnamed and various populations on whom we rarely see any effect of anything.

I suppose it could be said that the hole gives people a reprieve from any social consequence in a sense. People who have something that they need to get rid of, for the first time ever, have access to a seemingly infinite void that can erase any negative consequence. Overly wasteful and polluting industries as well as vicious criminals can erase the negative byproducts of their actions with ease, leading to more freedom to operate greedily and viciously with less social consequence.

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