How do seed plants compare with Pterophyta (ferns) in terms of their dependence on free water in their environment?

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Plants under the division Pteridophyta are spore bearing plants. One example of which is the fern. The main difference with the seed bearing plants is the way fern species reproduce. 

Both seed bearing and ferns are greatly depending on the water in their environment. Similarly, they absorb water from the roots to other parts of the systems. Usually ferns are found in areas of high moisture level. They are sensitive to lack of moisture so they thrive in areas with high humidity and constant moist soil places. Meaning, ferns are delicate and can grow only in those areas. Most species of ferns are found near covered areas such as creeks, canopy, forest and streams. Ferns cannot grow in hotter areas like most bearing plants. Finally, the moisture in the environment allows them to reproduce.  The gametophyte of the fern needs to be located in moist environment in order for the fertilization happens. 

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