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How do I see Orestes in my eyes? I'd like to have an essay about orestes that describes his actions and motives for killing his mother for revenge and i'd like to know the thoughts he has before killing.

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The answer to this question will lie in large part in what you believe.  Few, if any, can do this because the focus of the essay is "in your eyes."  I think that you would have to go over the character of Orestes and analyze why he did what he did and whether he was justified in doing so.  On one level, can there be any justification to matricide?  On another level, is he simply following the will of the Oracle at Delphi?  Can one justify his actions through the loss of his father?  I think that all of these questions provide excellent starting points to discuss and explain what might have been Orestes' thoughts, feelings, and motivations. This might be able to be explored through dialogue or personal interpretation, which might be able to help you construct your work sample.

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