How do the secrets of Edward connect to Willoughby/colonel Brandon; In Sense And Sensibilty?

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In Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen brings up contrasting characters, these male characters are the same. Revelation of Edward Ferras' secrect (i.e. he has been enchanged to Lucy for four years) connets to Colonel Brandon in this way.

With this disclosure, Edward's mother, Mrs. Ferras disinherits him. Therefore he is left without anything. Colonel Brandon offers him Delaford living. The former tactfully makes Edward aware of this through Elinor. Therefore, these two characters connect that way.

The secrets of Edward makes him left disinherited. Edward chooses to marry Lucy than considering about money. Willoughby's character is a clear contrast. When his scandal is revealed (seduction of Colonel's ward) his aunt, Mrs. Smith asks him to marry Eliza and stay in Allenham. But Willoughby chooses to marry Miss. Sophia Grey for it is the more benificial option for him, considering her amount of her money. Edward's secret pertains to Willoughby with this contrast.

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