How do science and religion go along with each other?Can science and religion agree? or do they always desagree?

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Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I recall reading a statistic that stated that more than 50% of all scientists have a religious belief.  If that is a fairly accurate statistic, it suggests that science and religion are not necessarily in conflict.  However, one must be aware that science is a matter of evidence and religion is a matter of belief.  Belief requires no evidence whatsoever.  Scientific principles and theories do require evidence.  This means that in some instances religion and science are in conflict.  If I am a member of a religion that believes the sun revolves around the earth, there's going to be a clear conflict between my belief and the scientific evidence to the contrary.  Many people manage to reconcile the two with no difficulty, while others, particularly those who believe that religious writings are the literal word of God, choose belief over evidence.  This is a personal choice. 

najm1947 | Student

Science is a result quest for facts about the universe and we do not know completely about any thing, not even the very basis particle, wnd we shall probably never know. We come across new challenges as we continue our search to find the whole truth, it is always the half truth.

On the other hand, religion is a matter of belief on the revelations by the God - The Creator, and by His this virtue, He is the All-Knowing.

If we accept the above two statements, then there should be no controversy for the believers. Religion provides the whole truth by the Creator and if any scientific discovery does not match the revelations, then the search must continue.

The best example would be that God revealed as under:

Do not they who choose to disbelief see that the heavens and earth were both one bound together, We then opened them out both.

And out of water We made all things alive. Will they not then believe? (Quran 21:30)

This is a narration about creation of universe and origin of life. Science and religion go along very well without any conflict provided we keep our perspective right.

In this answer, I am refering to the last of the Abrahamic religions Islam - The Complete Code of Conduct for Mankind according to belief of Muslims.