How do Sam, Eric and Bill respond to Jack's invitation to come to a feast?

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sam, Eric, and Bill are all tempted by the promise of meat at Jack's feast.  Bill uses the rationale that they should go to the feast to tell Jack that keeping the fire lit is hard on the rest of the boys, not to mention being a savage must be "jolly good fun" (142). 

Samneric chime in together in agreement with Bill.  From their shared perspective, they agree that Jack's way does seem like more fun, and since he has invited them, it would be a shame not to go.  When Ralph intercedes with the idea that maybe they should try to get their own meat, Bill and Samneric respond squeemishly to the notion, saying "He's a hunter [...] That's different" (142). 

Ultimately, Sam, Eric, and Bill, as well as Ralph and Piggy, all end up accepting Jack's invitation to the feast, proving that it is hard to take the moral high ground when one is starving.


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